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Our Dealers

Universal Solar has presence in entire North India and by 2020 we will be expending our network in pan India. Our 250+ dealers has presence in Punjab, Haryana, UP, Delhi NCR, Rajstan, Himachal, J&K and Uttarakhand. Universal Solar now welcomes you to join their dealer and distributer network. It is just the right time to start a solar business and make money as global demand for solar products is at its all-time high.The biggest advantage of joining Universal Solar as a dealer or distributer is that Universal Solar has a large product portfolio and provides excellent service. 

To become Universal Solar‘s dealer/distributer, please fill the form available on our website . Universal Solar’s highly efficient team will contact you as soon as possible


Channel Partners

We want to provide the employment in Solar Energy to maximum youth.  As of March, 2019 we have 500+ dedicated channel partner and aim to have 20000+ by 2020. 

Becoming a Universal Solar Business Partner is fast and easy. Becoming a channel partner with us is not only about selling products but it is about becoming an 'End to End Vertically Integrated Solar Solutions' provider. Our partners are a single stop solution for solar projects from Finance to Execution to Maintenance. This means that you are more than just a seller, you influence the entire value chain.

At Universal Solar, we believe that success depends on a qualified and knowledgeable distribution network to promote, service, and support its products. To that end, Universal Solar has created the Universal Solar Channel Partner Program. We, in turn, provide you with an unmatched and comprehensive portfolio of Solar Photovoltaic Panels, Solar Water Heating, Solar Outdoor Lighting and Solar Power Solutions that will provide your customers with real, bottom-line benefits

Dealers and Channel Partners

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