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Solar Mounting Structure

When You Need an Extra Hand

Universal Solar manufactures solar module mounting structures for both land based and rooftop solar power plants. Our mounting structures combine optimum dimensioning, short mounting times, economic efficiency and maximum durability to ensure optimal returns on investments for all kinds of PV installations


Not sure which one is right for you? Give us a call and an expert will assist you with all doubts.

Flat Roof Top MMS

Universal Solar flat rooftop solar mounts are engineered to reduce potential long-term roof damage with fully captured ballast & integrated roof protection pads

  • Distinctive system design that allows for free water flow

  • Fits on all major solar modules. Thorough testing with complete wind simulation and load analysis.

  • Our pre-assembled solar panel roof mounts offer easily configurable tilt angles to ensure maximum exposure of PV cells to sunlight while maintaining structural stability.

  • Innovative design of the product makes the rail quick to install and provides stable placement in the sheet roofing

Tin Shade MMS

Universal Solar specializes in cost-effective solar solution for pre-engineered buildings with metallic trapezoidal roofing.

  • Suitable for almost all types of  metallic roof sheets.

  • Clamping solution for roofs that do not allow direct mounting of modules. Mounting made easier with clamps in combination with the rails.

tin shade1.jpg

MMS Accessories

Universal Offers a wide range of PV module mounting structure accessories for aluminium and galvanized structure.

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